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After meeting the children during our stay and play sessions, we welcome the children into their new classes. During the first half-term the children settle into their new classrooms, making new friends and learning the routines of school life. The children play, explore and learn in stimulating indoors and outdoors environments. Normally every week, each class swims in small groups from the beginning of the autumn term. Due to current guidelines our Reception classes will not swim during the Autumn Term 2020.  Additionally, every three weeks each reception class spends a whole day in our wildlife area finding out about the natural world and taking part in many exciting learning opportunities.

At Hamstel we use fun and exciting topics to engage and hook the children into their learning, the year is split into 6 key themes and each week begins with a key book chosen to match our topic. The play based and adult led learning opportunities available to the children are based upon our themes.

Once the children are settled we start our daily RWInc sessions, where we teach the children the sounds that each letter makes. We also start daily maths sessions including short maths meetings, during these sessions we teach basic number concepts such as reading and writing numbers, counting and finding one more and one less. We use lots of songs and games to make maths fun and exciting for the children to learn.

During the spring and summer terms the children continue to have the opportunity to learn through play as well as taking part in adult-led reading, writing and maths activities. Whole class teaching sessions continue for literacy and maths on a daily basis as well as our daily RWInc session.

Meet the Team

Mrs V. Bryant

Kingfisher Class Teacher

Mrs D. Bird

Kingfisher Class Teacher

Mrs L. Jenkins

Woodpecker Class Teacher

Mrs A. Williams

Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Whitson

Peacock Class Teacher

Miss Y. James

Teaching Assistant

Miss M. Parmenter

Owl Class Teacher

Mrs S. Rayner & Mrs M. LeCorgne

Teaching Assistant

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