Every child at our school enjoys weekly swimming lessons under the expert instruction our qualified swimming instructor.


As swimming is an important part of the school curriculum children can only be excused for health reasons.  If this is the case we will require a letter from you to be handed to your class teacher detailing the reason your child can not swim. Unless a note is written your child will swim.


Information you need to know;


  • In the interests of hygiene, all children must wear a swimming hat. (Available from the office £2.00 each).


  • Tight fitted swimming trunks (not long baggy shorts) or a one piece swimming costume (not bikini) should be worn for swimming.


  • No goggles are to be worn and talcum powder should not be used. 


  • If your child has a verruca we would ask that it be treated. It is not necessary to wear a verruca sock once treatment has commenced. 


  • No earrings (even studs) or any other jewellery to be worn in the pool.  Health and Safety Legislation states that children should not wear earrings for any form of P.E or swimming. If a child has recently had their ears pierced and is unable to remove them they will not be able to swim. I would urge you, however, not to consider ear piercing prior to the start of the swimming sessions, as all earrings must be removed before being allowed in the pool. 


  • Please label all clothing and towels.